Mr Trotter’s Launch New Sausalamis
Press release: May 2016

It’s a knockout new snack. It’s a flavour sensation. It’s potently porky and judiciously juicy. It’s Mr Trotter’s Sausalamis, the easy-to-eat goody developed with the snacking habits of today’s busy consumer specifically in mind.

Mr Trotter, the British pork snack brand established by Matthew Fort, Tom Parker Bowles and the Trotter team in 2011, has launched three ‘Sausalamis’, air-dried  snacking sausages, onto the UK market.  

The easy-to-eat range includes ‘Original’, ‘Cracked Black Pepper’ and ‘Jalapeno Chilli’, and all are individually packed in Mr Trotter’s distinctive livery.  

Comments Matthew Fort: “More and more people eat on the move, in the office, in the car, or on the train. Today’s consumers want seriously tasty snacks when and where they need them. That’s what Mr Trotter’s irresistible Sausalamis, made from 100% British pork and our special Mr Trotter seasonings, are designed for.

We believe in the superior quality of British pork, with its higher welfare standards and husbandry; and as Mr Trotter has had success in revolutionising the pork scratching market with our triple cooked Pork Crackling, we saw an opportunity to do the same for cured meat snacks as well.”  

The Mr Trotter’s Original Sausalami shows off the supreme succulence of British pork, whereas Mr Trotter’s Cracked Black Pepper Sausalami is a cracking bite - perfectly porky, magnificently meaty, with just the right lingering warmth from the pepper.  And lastly, Mr Trotter’s Jalapeno Chilli Sausalami has a kind of smoky heat that lifts the flavour of the wonderful juicy pork.

NB. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has added meat snacks to its basket of goods and services in 2016 for the first time ever, mirroring the rising consumer hunger for protein on-the-go snacks. Now there’s a surprise.

Mr Trotter’s Sausalamis will be available in Selfridges in June, and thereafter in farm shops, garden centres, pubs and delicatessens.

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crunch launches in Selfridge’s
Press release: 29th September 2015

It's Crunch time.

The team behind Mr Trotter's Great British Pork Crackling bring you the radical, new Mr Trotter's Great British Original Pork Crunch.

What's radical about it?

It's feather-light, crunchy enough to make you smile, lower in fat than conventional scratchings, and yet still has that pluperfect porky flavour you get in Mr Trotter's pork snacks from using 100% British pigs.

When it comes to making the world's finest pork scratchings, you need a bit of fat on the skin to give them that particular combination of texture and taste when they're triple-cooked.

But with this new snack, all the fat is removed before cooking. The result is an array of light, fluffy pieces of Crunch, that need just a dusting of Mr Trotter's unique seasoning of sea salt and yeast to turn them into Mr T’s Great British Original Pork Crunch.

“Tucking into Mr Trotter's Original Pork Crunch is a life-enhancing experience”. Says Matthew Fort, one of the Mr Trotter team and a Great British Menu judge. “I think they'll bring a whole new fan base for Mr Trotter's snacks. We know there are people out there who love that porky flavour, but who find scratchings, well, a bit hardcore. Our all-British Pork Crunch is for them - light as a cloud, crisp as a crisp, marvellously munchy, and porky as only Mr Trotter can make a snack. It's an oinkingly good addition to our range of snacks”.

The Mr Trotter range already includes: three Great British Pork Cracklings - Original, Jalapeno and English Mustard flavours; Mr Trotter's Proper Potato Crisps in Original and Jalapeno flavours; and Mr Trotter’s Great British Chestnut Ale.

Mr Trotter’s Original Pork Crunch will be available exclusively in Selfridges for a month from Monday 28th September; and thereafter in pubs, farm shops, delis, and garden centres up and down the UK

Priced at Selfridges: £2.49 per 80g bag

Mr Trotter’s new video
Mr Trotter’s Sponsors South-West London’s Premier Touch-Rugby Club, The Trotters

August 2015

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling has announced its sponsorship of South-West London’s finest Touch Rugby Club, the Trotters TRFC.

Trotter’s Captain Luke Davies, aka ‘Pig’, explains:

“We met Mr Trotter’s Pork Cracklings and his full-on Potato Crisps in our regular post-game sessions in the pub and thought they would be a wonderful kit and ‘general nutrition’ partner, with all that deliciously moreish zero carb pork. Needless to say Mr Trotter’s was delighted to oblige and are now proud to be part of Team Trotter’s many recent successes on the field and in after-game celebrations.

“We are a group of friends from different universities who played rugby to a high-standard before moving to London for work. We formed Trotters to give ourselves the opportunity to continue to play the sport we love. We play in a few leagues in South West London, including the O2 touch spring and summer leagues, and we have played in quite a few touch rugby and rugby Sevens tournaments over the year.”

Trotter’s team member Rory Buckingham comments:

“As sociability in the clubhouse is so key to team spirit, we thought it would be very fitting to be partnered by such an iconic British product, which shares the same name as us to boot. We’re chuffed to be sporting our Mr Trotter’s kit T-shirts, and the boost we get from our regular delivery of Mr Trotter’s pork cracklings definitely improves our resilience whilst cranking up our speed on pitch!” Mr Trotter’s co-founder, food writer Matthew Fort, adds:

“It is wonderful to be associated with such a great team of men, such power, such energy, and such style. And we trust that our triple-cooked porky delicacies will give them the same impetus as they gave explorer David Hempleman-Adams in his successful race alongside four wounded soldiers from the Royal Dragoon Guards to the North Pole. Snacks for all weathers, clearly”.

May 2015

“Pork Crackling got us to the Pole”, writes Explorer and Industrialist, David Hempleman-Adams, and his team of four wounded soldiers from the Royal Dragoon Guards. “We each ate 2 packets a day, to fuel us to the top”.

The celebrated British explorer and his team reached the North Pole on skis, arriving at 15.00 BST, 16th April, as part of the Mamont Polar Cup 2015.

Hempleman-Adams, the first person in history to reach the Geographic and Magnetic North and South Poles as well as climb the highest peaks in all seven continents, originally got in touch with Graham Jebb, Mr Trotters Founding Director and one of the owners of RayGray Snacks Ltd, last year after falling for the salty charms of pork scratchings as an alternative to ‘salt tablets’ to fuel his exploring adventures.

Graham Jebb comments: “I was delighted to hear from David - it tickled me greatly to hear that pork scratchings are his ‘super-food’ of choice for trekking to the pole. If I never make it to a Pole myself I’m very happy to support David, an amazing adventurer, and know that our snacks will be fuelling his explorations all over the world.”

With a Mr Trotters flag in tow, the UK team set off on 14th April from Longyearbyen, Svalbard in Norway. They were one of five teams from across the world in pursuit of the coveted Mamont Cup. Team UK were first to arrive at the Pole.

Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling, produced by Raygray Snacks in Staffordshire, was launched by Graham Jebb of RayGray Snacks with food writers Tom Parker Bowles and Matthew Fort in 2011.  The range includes Mr Trotter’s Original, English Mustard, and Jalapeno Pork Cracklings, all triple cooked from 100% British Pork.