8 Pack Gift Selection Box Mr Trotter’s Pork Cracklings are ‘wellbeing’ personified.
Includes: –
2 bags of Original Pork Crackling,
2 bags of Salt & Vinegar Pork Crackling,
2 bags of Jalepeno Chilli Pork Crackling,
2 bags of English Mustard Pork Crackling.

Prices include P&P within the UK
Beer and Crackling Gift Box Mr Trotter’s smartly packaged gift box is a magnificent gift for any time of the year.
Includes –
2 bags of Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling (1 Original and 1 Jalapeno)
2 bottles Mr Trotter’s Great British Chestnut Ale
1 Mr Trotter badge
(Coming Soon)
Mr Trotter's Skinny Dips
Case Orders –
20 x 60g packets to a case - £21.00 (£1.05 per pack)

Prices include P&P within the UK
Pork Crackling Mr Trotters award winning crackling is made from premium pork skin, triple cooked to deliver explosive crunch and seasoned with yeast and sea salt - no MSG.
It is available in four great flavours – Original (‘Q’ award winner, 2018), Jalapeno Chilli, English Mustard and Salt & Vinegar seasonings

Case Orders –
24 x 60g bags to a case - £38.40 (£1.60 per pack)
20 x 40g bags to a case - £22.00 (£1.10 per pack)

(Includes P&P within the UK)
Pork Sausalami Mr Trotter stands for all that’s best in British pork snacks and now he’s turned his attention to sausages. Not any old sausage, but a Sausalami. Packed with the finest British pork and just enough of Mr Trotter’s special seasonings. And air-dried like a salami to give you easy eating – a great ‘on the go’, high protein snack. Available in 3 great flavours – The Original, Jalapeno Chilli and Cracked Black Pepper.
Case Orders –
24 x 35g Sausalamis to a case - £38.40
(2 clip strips of 12)

(Includes P&P within the UK)
Pork Crunch Mr Trotter's Great British Pork Crackling changed the world of pork scratchings forever.

Now Mr Trotter's at it again with the revolutionary Pork Crunch – a lighter bite in every way.
Potently porky. Explosively crunchy.

Case Orders –
12 x 80g bags to a case - £22.80 (£1.90 per pack)

(Includes P&P within the UK)
(Out of Stock)
Chestnut Ale
Beer and crackling make the best of matches so its natural for Mr Trotter to brew his own very special ale. Blending chestnuts with sweet Maris Otter barley gives a nutty creaminess to the brew, a honied note to balance the clean bitterness of the English Cascade and Bramling Cross hops.
Case Orders –
12 x 500ml bottles to a case
Its Crunch Time’ T-Shirts Mr Trotter’s very own t-shirt is made from super premium cotton, screen printed in full colour on the front and single colour on back.

Available in White and Blue

Sizes S/M/L/XL

£15 each

(Includes P&P within the UK)