Mr Trotters award winning crackling is a high-end delicacy made from the very best pork rind.

As it is uniquely triple cooked, it is a lighter crackling with a crisp texture which delivers maximum crunch.

It’s available in four great flavours – Original, Jalapeno Chilli, English Mustard and Salt & Vinegar.

Mr Trotter’s, ‘Q’ award winning, Original pork crackling is specially seasoned with our own blend of natural ingredients, including sea salt, with no added MSG, to give you a flavour to savour.


Mr Trotter’s Jalapeno pork crackling came next, and we travelled far and wide to look for new flavours to show off his porky perfection. That’s why he teamed up with the jalapeño from Mexico, a medium hot chilli with a verdantly sharp bite.

Mr Trotter’s English Mustard pork crackling was the third, as we had decided that British really was best, choosing English mustard as his accompaniment for a tastebud-tingling punch – a real love affair with pork.

Mr Trotter’s Salt & Vinegar pork crackling is the latest offering, a zingy marriage of perfect flavour harmony, just made to go together. Classy & classic. That’s Mr Trotter all over.

When it comes to the crunch it's just got to be Mr Trotter’s – they’re so Dangerously Good!!

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Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling

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