Bacon & Eggs. Fish & Chips. Strawberries & Cream. Pork & Apple.

Some combinations are just meant to be.

Of course Mr Trotter’s Skinny Dips are good enough to stand on their own. Light, crisp, crunchy strips, perfectly porky from first munch to last.

But dunked in a pot of Bramley apple puree, and, well, you move from the terrifically tasty to the simply sublime.

The mellow meatiness of prime pork strips (enhanced, naturally, by Mr Trotter’s Original seasoning), the airy crunch of Mr Trotter’s refined cooking process and the fine fruitiness of British Bramley apples, and what have you got?

A marriage made in the mouth. Snackingly delicious.

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Mr Trotter's Skinny Dips

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