Mr Trotter on TV

They see him here, they see him there They see that Trotter everywhere! Is he in heaven or is he in hell? That elusive Scarlet Pig’pernel. Yes;  Mr Trotter is no ordinary pig. Pop him in a grassy ‘green room’ for an hour & he steals the show. Our Hero’s always hamming it up with […]


Explorer David Hempleman Adams and his team devoured pork scratchings on their successful race to the North Pole: Why? Because they positively ripple with protein. The humble pork scratching is so straight forward nutritionally: It’s just a thin strip of leg rind cooked in its own delicious fat. Fat used to have a bad rap, […]


Michel Roux, Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver and Mark Hix have all shown love for our Hero Pig: Mr Roux served them hot for us with red, green and yellow salsas at Le Gavroche Heston reinterpreted the piggy genre with us in his Channel 4 Heston’s Fantastical Foods, making his crackling from a giant piece of […]

Mr Trotter’s and Poetry

Poetry in Pubs is like sherbet to our Hero, especially poetry which involves his native race. Roald Dahl is probably his favourite, with an ode to his people called The Pig. It features a pig Farmer and a hungry pig, and it has an unexpected finale! ‘In England once, there lived a big and wonderfully […]

Mr Trotter’s and Delicious Drinks

Mr Trotter is no normal pig and we have been raiding the drinks cabinet to find the most exciting combinations for each Mr Trotter pack. the Original Mr Trotter’s The Original is not surprisingly great with lager, its soft easy sweetness putting our Hero Pig on the pedestal he most deserves. But he is also […]