Mr Trotter’s and Delicious Drinks

Mr Trotter is no normal pig and we have been raiding the drinks cabinet to find the most exciting combinations for each Mr Trotter pack.

the Original

Mr Trotter’s The Original is not surprisingly great with lager, its soft easy sweetness putting our Hero Pig on the pedestal he most deserves. But he is also great with the fresh acidity of English sparkling wines, or with oaky Chardonnays, or a pint of bitter, or a legendary cup of tea!

Jalapeno Chilli

Mr Trotter’s Jalapeño Chilli enjoys surprising pairings, as the fiery heat of the chilli needs embracing. So it is paired romantically with sweeter drinks which temper its fire, drinks like Pimms, all sorts of Port, sweet white wines like Barsac or Sauternes

English Mustard

Mr Trotter’s English Mustard is spicy. It lifts the eyeballs with its spice: So it’s no surprise that it wraps its arms around a gin & tonic, or zesty Sauvignon Blanc and it falls head over heels with the power-drill that is a dry Martini…

Salt & Vinegar

Mr Trotter’s Salt & Vinegar is a zesty creature and likes drinks with edge and power. So extravagantly hopped IPAs are an exuberant lover, their essential oils hugging the vinegar’s venom; and a dry sherry’s salty tang nails it to the mast.